A Podcast For Fil-Ams, Coming July 24

Episode Summary

Introducing Balikbayan, a podcast for Filipino-Americans. Coming July 24.

Episode Notes

Whenever I meet another Filipino in the US, I kind of want to know their entire life story. It's probably because I'm almost always the only Pinoy in the room.

I don't think I know enough about my fellow Filipino-Americans, even though there are more than 3.5 million of us here. That's where this show comes in.

Balikbayan is a podcast where you'll hear conversations and stories with Fil-Ams about the things that matter to us. It'll come out every two weeks, starting July 24.

I also want to hear from you. Do you have a story or guest idea? Email me at, and follow the show on Twitter @balikbayanshow.

Music by RV Mendoza. Logo by Niccolo Pizarro.